I haven't stopped talking about the wonderful time I had that week, the camaraderie, the food, the musical talent!
James Pavlock, Assistant United States Attorney, 2022

No wonder people return again and again: it was a wonderfully enriching experience. The intermediate classes were so sensitively handled that even the most nervous participant, by the end, appeared confident
Robin Archer, retired theatre designer and mural painter, UK 2022

I feel grateful for the chance to experience such high-level tuition from different teachers. Totally inspiring
Carline Kunst, teacher, Netherlands 2018

Nothing beats a week in France shared with people who love good music, good food and good company. And I’m pleased to report that I passed the diploma
Kate Harrison, lawyer, UK 2022

I am constantly re-living the course by recounting my experience to friends. It has given my playing a tremendous boost and me the urge to practice more, and more effectively
Helen Gottschalk, retired medical science manager, Germany 2018

It’s the highlight of the year. I’m waiting for this week to come every year. Everyone is interested in making piano music and you spend a magical week here. All your week is music, talking about music, listening, playing. You get away from everyday life. It’s something very unusual. At last I am returning again in 2023!
Sarven Pestemalcigil, Business Development Manager, Istanbul 2017

In America I heard Paul Roberts play and I took some lessons with him. Then I found out about his great summer courses in France. This is my third time attending and it’s an extraordinary experience. This is the time in the whole year when I can put my whole energy and focus into my piano journey in life. I’m really happy to be here, meeting new people from all over the world and old friends sharing this wonderful experience together, every single day beautiful music and beautiful food, and the rosé wine! I cannot thank you enough!
Kazue Suzuki, pianist and teacher, Portland, Oregon 2017

It’s been so focussed, with all these pianists in one isolated place. Often you go to courses and it’s very competitive and you only meet the same people going to the same schools and going for the same scholarships and the same competitions. Whereas you come here and everyone just loves to play the piano and you focus on the music
Joakim Martinsen, post-graduate student, Stockholm Conservatory of Music, 2017

Every day, every hour of the week I asked is this real? It was just amazing, the teaching, the weather, the food
Olga Tomilina, post-graduate student, Stockholm Conservatory of Music, 2022

What an extraordinary week we spent with you! It wasn't just the music. It was such a beautiful place, the food was perfect, and we met so many interesting people. But it was even more than that: there was such a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and friendship. It was a truly unique experience. Well actually I hope it doesn't turn out to have been a unique experience as both I and Andrew would love to come back next summer. 
Annette Andrews, retired pianist, Dublin, 2022