Scriabin: Complete Late Piano Music

James Kreiling has just released a magnificent double CD for Odradek ( of Scriabin's complete late piano music from Op. 53 (Sonata No.5) onwards. The playing and the recording are deeply impressive (recorded in the Henry Wood Hall, London), and the accompanying booklet stylish and informative. James is well known for his passion for Scriabin and over the years at the summer school he has enthralled audiences with a series of lecture recitals, introducing us to all the pieces that he performs on these discs.   


James Kreiling's Scriabin

James plays the last six Sonatas  (nos. 5-10) and all the satellite short pieces beginning with Opus 56 (Quatre pièces), and including Préludes, Poèmes, Poème-Nocturne and Vers la flamme. Here is an excerpt from his excellent essay included in the booklet, Scriabin: the myth, the man and the music.

'To listen to Scriabin's late music is to enter a different world, a realm of suggestion, seduction, delirium, dance, beauty and terror. Within 20 years his music developed from romantic miniature, influenced by Chopin, Schumann and Liszt, to music which extended tonality to its limits.'

                                                                                                Paul Roberts