Covid-19 Update 27 May

We trust you are all well and safe.

Mainland Europe is relaxing lockdown, but the UK seems intent on imposing a 14-day quarantine on returning travellers that will begin sometime in June. How long this will last, or even whether it will stick, is of course unknown. 

We are still hoping by late July or early August there will be enough relaxation to run some kind of course. Travelling within Europe might be possible, especially by car. EasyJet flights are planned to resume between UK and France. 

The southwest of France is now officially low-risk, and as the chateau itself is so isolated it may be one of the safest places to be this summer. However, the current lack of clarity on other issues prevents us from making a firm plan just yet. France is due to make an announcement regarding travel and other Covid-related policy on 15 June. 

One distinct possibility, assuming travel is allowed, is that we can run courses with half the numbers so as to maintain social distancing. Whether this will be with our full quota of teachers we cannot yet say. 

Whether you have already booked or are thinking of booking, please do contact us with any questions and concerns. Things may change very quickly - or not at all ...

We would like to reassure those who have booked that if you decide to cancel this year and run your deposit over to 2021 this does not at all hold you to your booking. We stress again that booking fees are returnable at any time. For those who have paid in non-uk currency however this does mean we can only return what we have received - we are all at the mercy of the exchange rate.