Update 23 June

We are still fully intending to go ahead. It now depends on your willingness to join us. We have cancelled one course of the four and we will be running at half capacity. This reflects the sad loss of our participants from America and Australia, who will be much missed. All those who have cancelled have promised to return next year. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has offered to tie their deposit over until 2021. 

Equally we can safely run without over crowding, and we will of course be conforming to the French rules concerning numbers in restaurants and social gatherings. 

Paul Roberts will be teaching and performing on all three courses, as will James Kreiling and Janneke Brits. We assure all our participants that the summer school experience will be much the same as ever, complete with fine food, fine weather, the swimming pool, Barney's Bar, the cabaret, and above all inspired music-making, teaching and learning. 


Course 1: Monday 27 July to Monday 3 August

Course 2: Tuesday 4 August to Tuesday 11 August

Course 3: Friday 14 August to Friday 21 August